Privacy Policy

Last updated: Apr 1, 2019

Mirth Turtle Media collects information from users as needed, which includes but is not limited to email addresses & IP address. We will not share your personal information with third-party advertisers or affiliates without your express permission. We take every precaution to ensure that data is not compromised.

We also keep private the information you enter into your account through the ghostCRM organizational application, including your Contacts and their information. We will not contact any of your Contacts on your behalf without your express permission. We may use your data in development to improve the product.

Data entered into the m3lon kitchen management system is also kept private, though may be used in development to improve the product and displayed in aggregate as statistics.

Any games you play through the Site, such as Diamond Find, may track your activity within the game and make that information publically available through your profile and leaderboards.

If you consent to receive emails when you create an account, we may, from time to time, email you about the platform, or other Mirth Turtle Media products, offers and promotions. We do our best to limit these communications.

This site uses cookies for the purpose of session tracking and third-party payment functions. If you do not allow them to be set on your computer, the site will not function correctly for you.

A user may request to have their personal data removed from the system, and that request will be honoured after being verified for legitimacy.

Any questions about our Privacy Policy or data removal requests can be communicated directly to Me [at]

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